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Zoom Player WMV Professional 5.02 Final

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Beyond the features provided by Zoom Player Professional, Zoom Player WMV Professional allows you to play Windows Media Video Digital Rights Management files (Copy protected WMV files).

The first thing you should do is install this Microsoft Patch if you are using an operating system older than Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Next make sure you have DirectX v9 or newer installed on your machine. You can download the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft.

You also need a display card and drivers that support VMR9 Video Rendering. Both ATI and NVIDIA have drivers that support VMR9. You will further need to Configure Zoom Player Windows Media settings within the "Windows Media" tab under "Advanced Options / Settings".

Finally, you must authenticate the disc/file you are trying to play in order to obtain a playing license. With WM-DVD discs, usually inserting the disc accomplishes that. For WMV DRM media files, you may need to first try playing them with Windows Media Player 9

What's New in Zoom Player WMV Professional 5.02 Final:

* New Setting (Advanced Options / Interface / OSD / Fullscreen Navigation), allowing you show hidden files (default off).
* New Setting (Advanced Options / Control Bar) allowing the Control Bar to hide automatically if the mouse cursor is moved a certain distance away from the control bar (50 pixels).
* New Mouse Left-Click setting to only move the user interface window (without the ability to move the video while in fullscreen).
* New "/MEDIACAT:category name" command line parameter allowing you to open the media library navigator within the category selection screen when Zoom Player starts. Using "/MEDIACAT" alone will open the category list in the previously saved position, while specifying a category name would highlight a specific category, for example "/MEDIACAT:Music" would highlight the Music category.
* New CommAPI message (1950) allowing you to remove items from the Playlist.
+ Clicking on the left/right sides of the navigation interfaces is no longer restricted to 1 pixel, but rather 1 percent of the interface width.
- The "/MEDIANAV:category name" command line parameter was not functioning correctly.
- Under certain conditions the internal image viewer would not position the image correctly.
- Executing external applications on Windows 95/98 could cause a crash. This also affected the install center.
- Fixed small glitches with the skin.
- Made a few text instances clearer.
- Few more small bug fixes.

Zoom Player WMV Professional 5.02 FinalSize: 2.79 MB

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Zoom Player WMV Professional 5.02 Final
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